ponedjeljak, 23. studenoga 2015.

Thank you all for this Autmn tour! :)

First of all - thanks to our dear friends from No More Idols, for doing all this punk stuff together with us - we were having a such a great time even in shit situations that are always happening when there are nine people traveling 4000+ kilometers together in short time - we are glad that we together make all this happen!

Also - big thanks to EKH people for giving us place to sleep in Wien, to Baja, Mina and Wagenplatz in Kőln for show and also everything noted before, to Adriana, Fischladen crew and Gewaltbereit band for show and everything in Leipzig, than also thanks to Schmidt, Felix, Esperanza crew and Gužva u 16ercu for everything in Schwabisch Gemünd, and to Gabi, and to (i forget your name dude SORRY :D), bands Moron Bros and Crude Carress, and Nimmerländ Bar for Zürich, and to Neutral Bombs band crew for Lugano, and to Ajda, Maruša, Menza pri koritu crew for Ljubljana - and of course to all you other people that you have supported us somehow, but we were too drunk to remember all the names. :D

Also big thanks to Tomi for driving, Edi and Tuna for 'road crew' stuff, and to Tomo for the van!

It was awesome. We also had some bad times (of course - what do you expect in real life to be?), but it happened so much more good stuff, that we are so happy that this tour also happened.

Without not many time to rest - our next gig will be on December 11th, 2015 in Route 66, Zagreb - where we will support our friend Žare, to collect the moneyz for his poetry book - see ya!

Love you all - Abergaz folks! <3

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